A new year resolution: we need to get it right

The year has just got under way, and already newspapers are reporting again issues with building and material quality and unauthorised substitution of materials.

While an active industry can lead to shortages or delays in getting the right materials delivered, it is not an excuse for unauthorised changes or product/material substitution.

What it does mean is a need to be better organised on site by:

  • ordering materials earlier
  • keeping to the construction programme.

Unauthorised changes may result in a stop work or notice to rectify being issued and the offending materials removed and replaced. This will delay the project further with the burden of cost being squarely the responsibility of the trade that made the change.

Other consequences may include:

  • unhappy clients
  • not meeting specified completion dates
  • the possibility of liquidated damages being imposed because completion was not achieved when specified
  • being in breach of contract – in effect, a contract says that the building will be constructed as detailed using the materials specified. 

From BRANZ Guideline, January 2017

Published in building.