Standard for testing and remediation of meth-contaminated properties

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Standards New Zealand is preparing to start work on developing a New Zealand standard on the testing and remediation of properties used for the manufacture or use of methamphetamine.

In 2015 Standards New Zealand prepared a proposal for Local Government New Zealand and the Ministry of Health to apply for funding under the Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Act 2009 to develop a standard on the testing and remediation of properties used for the manufacture or use of methamphetamine. Funding of $60,497 was granted in December 2015

The development of the standard is aimed at addressing a need for guidance on methodologies, procedures, and other supporting material that will ensure a consistent and effective approach to managing the testing and remediation of affected properties and treatment of their contents. 

It is expected that the standard will include (but not limited to):

  • guidance on testing properties and contents for contamination
  • methods of assessing risks to health, safety, and the environment from meth-related chemicals and contaminated material
  • best practice procedures for decontamination and remediation of properties and contents to acceptable levels
  • methods of disposal of materials that cannot be decontaminated
  • information that supports auditing processes, which provide assurance that testing, risk assessment, decontamination and remediation of properties, and disposal of contaminated materials have been effective, and comply with legislative requirements.

Potential stakeholders with interests in proposed standard NZS 8510 include:

  • meth testing and clean-up/remediation companies
  • laboratories that analyse samples taken from meth-contaminated properties
  • health, safety, and environmental regulators
  • property owners, managers, and insurers.

Standards New Zealand contacted a wide range of stakeholders in January 2016 inviting them to nominate representatives for consideration as members of the P 8510 committee. 

The establishment of this committee is likely to be the first to be approved by the New Zealand Standards Approval Board (the Board) that has been formed under the Standards and Accreditation Act 2015. 

Under the Act, the NZ Standards Executive (NZSE) is responsible for establishing committees that will develop new standards, such as NZS 8510, and to refer proposals for persons to be members or chairperson of a standards committee to the Board for approval. In making its recommendations to the Board, the NZSE will review all the nominations received. Once the Board has approved the membership and chair of the P 8510 committee, the NZSE will advise the successful nominees, and the work of the committee will begin. 

The Board is due to have its first meeting in mid-April and we hope to be able to give an update on progress of the development of the standard after that.

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