Committee appointed to develop meth-testing standard

Wellington S

A new committee is ready to go to develop a standard (NZS 8510) covering the testing and remediation of properties contaminated by the manufacture or use of methamphetamine.

The committee was approved by the New Zealand Standards Approval Board on 4 May.

Members of the committee and the organisations they represent are as follows: 



Erina Mayo

Environmental Science and Research

Graham Corban

Hill Laboratories

Miles Stratford

MethSolutions Ltd

Nardene Reynolds

Forensic and Industrial Science Ltd

Dr Terry Cooney

Analytica Laboratories

Paul Freeman

Andy Andersons Industrial Services

Billy Royal

NZ Remediation Services

John Campbell

NZ Decontamination Services T/A Fresh Living

Paul Pritchard

Cleaning Systems Ltd

Victor Boyd

Contaminated Site Solutions Ltd

Darryl Thompson

Auckland Council

Raaj Govinda

Hutt City Council

Paul Prendergast

Ministry of Health

Adam Gray

Ministry for the Environment

Andrew Rose

Housing New Zealand Corporation

Terry Jordan

Insurance Council of New Zealand

Rachel Kann

Independent Property Managers Association

Geoff Hallam

International Accreditation NZ (IANZ)

The aim of the standard is to address a need for guidance on methodologies, procedures, and other supporting material that will ensure a consistent and effective approach to managing the testing and remediation of affected properties and treatment of their contents.

The committee will hold its first meeting at the end of June 2016. A draft of the standard will be prepared and released for public comment later in 2016 for a period of 2 months. The final standard is expected to be published between the end of January and June 2017, depending on factors such as the range and complexity of comments received from public consultation. 

Note: Nardene Reynolds is replacing Naomi Hosted, but this has yet to be approved by the Board.

Read more about the standard.

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