Update on standard for testing and remediation of methamphetamine-contaminated properties

Scientists working in a laboratory

The committee that will develop the new standard for testing and remediation of methamphetamine-contaminated properties (NZS 8510) held its second meeting on 25 July 2016 in Wellington. The meeting included report back from the 5 working groups each developing key parts of the standard:

  • preliminary assessment/screening/sampling/testing
  • decontamination/remediation
  • post-remediation sampling/testing
  • general matters, such as documentation, and competency requirements for operators
  • technical appendices, including sampling and testing protocols
  • a presentation by Dr Nick Kim of Massey University, and discussion on issues including how risk-based guideline values are developed, the importance of representative sampling for meth contamination, reporting requirements, and general quality assurance measures that need to be in place, especially for field testing of properties.

The next steps agreed at the meeting included:

  • the committee will examine parts of other guidelines (such as those used in California and Colorado) that can be adopted for use in the New Zealand standard
  • Standards New Zealand will compile all the working group reports into a first draft of the standard for the committee to further develop into a draft that will be prepared for release for public comment around October 2016
  • the committee will meet again in late August 2016 to discuss the evolving structure and contents of the draft standard.

We have developed some Qs and As on the standard.

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