Veranda roof bracing: Keeping it stable

Veranda roof bracing is not covered by NZS 3604:2011 Timber framed buildings. A veranda roof is unlikely to project more than 2 m from the building as this would block a considerable amount of light from the building interior. 

Roof bracing is unlikely to have any effect if veranda roofs up to 2 m wide are securely fixed to or restrained by the structure of the building.
BRANZ structural engineers suggest a rule of thumb that, where a lightweight veranda roof:

  • projects 2 m or less from the building, it does not need to have roof bracing
  • projects over 2 m from the building, specific engineering design is required.

A heavy veranda roof should always have roof bracing and specific engineering design is also required.
More veranda construction details are given in Build 155 Veranda design and construction.

From BRANZ Guideline, December 2016

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