Draft standard on testing and decontamination of methamphetamine-contaminated properties available for public comment

Scientists working in a laboratory

Feedback on a draft standard for the testing and decontamination of methamphetamine-contaminated properties is now sought by Standards New Zealand.

The standard (NZS 8510) is aimed at methamphetamine testing and clean-up/decontamination companies; laboratories that analyse samples taken from methamphetamine contaminated properties; health, safety, and environmental regulators; and property owners, managers, and insurers. 

Those who use the standard can be assured that they are taking a consistent and best practice approach to: 

  • assessment of contamination in properties including sampling and testing to assess levels of methamphetamine and related risks to health, well-being, safety, and the environment and how to manage these risks
  • the maximum acceptable methamphetamine residue after a property has been decontaminated
  • procedures on how to decontaminate and clean up properties
  • sampling and testing after cleaning up to certify properties are safe to occupy
  • disposal of any material that cannot be decontaminated.

The committee that developed the draft welcomes all feedback on the standard and all comments will be considered individually before the final standard is developed. The public comment period for the draft standard is open from 12 December 2016 until 20 February 2017.

The standards development committee is working towards publishing the final standard in April 2017.

View/download the draft and submit comment.

Read the Qs and As. 

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