Methods of sampling and testing road aggregates

Two road workers

A new standard detailing test methods and procedures for testing aggregates for the purpose of road pavement construction has been published.

Road transport is a major component of New Zealand's infrastructure and quality in construction is an essential consideration. Aggregate quality is fundamental to the construction of the pavements required to support road transport. NZS 4407:2015 Methods of sampling and testing road aggregates provides the basis for the testing of road aggregate characteristics.

Following requests by users of the standard which was originally published in 1991 (as a series of test methods), a committee was formed to review and update the previous version. The principal objective of the committee was to survey users of the standard, assemble comments, and update the standard to reflect advances in aggregate testing and laboratory best practice.

Testing agencies that use NZS 4407:2015 will be able to demonstrate to stakeholders that aggregates are compliant and fit for purpose.

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