Better access to building information

MBIE, in partnership with BRANZ and Standards New Zealand has been working with key stakeholders to advance a proposal for a web-based portal that is also responsive to smart devices. The proposed portal will help practitioners access and comply with the Building Code System more easily, so that they can clearly understand and apply the system in their work.

The proposed portal will provide:

  • assurance that the source, authority, applicability, and validity of the information is immediately clear
  • code, standards, guidance, determinations, and other relevant information available from one access point
  • an option to send users notifications when changes to information occur or are about to occur.

Other improvement initiatives

The portal proposal sits alongside two other improvement initiatives.

  1. Replacing the Building and Housing portion of the MBIE website ( with a new website The new website will focus on addressing current accessibility issues, out-of-date information, and being responsive to smart devices, and will have related functionality.
  2. MBIE’s is considering the funding of a core set of cited building standards on a long-term basis. Consultation is planned for later this year on the proposed list of standards to receive such funding.

Read more about these initiatives on MBIE’s website.

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Summarised from MBIE’s Codewords 65, March 2015.

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