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BRANZ, in partnership with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment and WorkSafe, are running seminars for builders, specialist trades, architects, designers, engineers, building surveyors, and building officials. covering legislative changes.

Building Amendment Act 2013 

Gain an insight into changes to the Act and how they impact you and the way you do business. If you are involved in costing and managing any type of residential building work, this seminar will help you get up to speed with the changes before they come into effect.

New consumer protection measures for residential building work come into effect from 1 January 2015 including:

  • a requirement to have a written contract for building work over $30,000 (including GST)
  • a requirement to give customers a building checklist as well as information about your credentials - skills, qualifications, licensing status and so on
  • an automatic 12-month defect repair period when you will have to fix any defects the customer has told you about
  • fines for not complying with the law.

Construction Contracts Amendment Bill

A quick update on progress with the Construction Contracts Amendment Bill, which now seeks to apply the progress payment, the adjudication framework, and remedies for recovery of payment provisions to residential building as well as to all building industry professionals and materials supply.

Health and safety regime 

Find out about the new health and safety regime and what the industry should be doing now to prepare for the changes. This includes the WorkSafe NZ philosophy and the 3 Es (educate, engage, enforce), the Preventing Falls From Height campaign and the Health and Safety Reform Bill.

NZS 3902:2004 Housing, alterations and small buildings

Our standard NZS 3902:2004 Housing, alterations and small buildings contract will help give effect to amendments to the Building Act 2004. NZS 3902 provides a standard form of building contract agreement suitable for owners who are making their own building arrangements. Written in ‘plain English’, this standard was developed by a committee with a broad and balanced representation of stakeholder interests including regulators, industry, and consumer advocates. It is intended to be a fair and clearly understood contract that sets out rights and responsibilities for all parties. 

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