Amendments to Acceptable Solutions and Verification Methods

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The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has published amendments to the Acceptable Solutions and Verification Methods listed below to reflect updated, withdrawn, or amend references to, standards and other publications. 

MBIE regularly reviews published standards to see whether they are suitable for referencing in the Acceptable Solutions and Verification Methods. MBIE consulted on the proposed changes from 20 September 2013 to 20 October 2013. Feedback from the consultation supported the proposed changes.

Amended documents

Acceptable Solutions and Verification Methods for New Zealand Building Code clauses:

  • B1 Structure
  • B2 Durability
  • C Protection from Fire (published with other amendments on 19 December 2013)
  • D2 Mechanical Installations for Access
  • E1 Surface Water
  • E2 External Moisture
  • E3 Internal Moisture
  • F6 Visibility in Escape Routes
  • F7 Warning Systems
  • F8 Signs
  • G4 Ventilation
  • G7 Natural Light
  • G8 Artificial Light
  • G9 Electricity
  • G10 Piped Services
  • G11 Gas as an Energy Source
  • G12 Water Supplies
  • G13 Foul Water
  • G14 Industrial Liquid Waste


  • Building Code Handbook
  • Compliance Schedule Handbook

Transition period

There is a transition period from 14 February 2014 until 14 August 2014, where both the old and the new documents apply. From 14 August 2014, only the new versions apply.

How to get copies

You can download copies of the amended documents

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