New Zealand floor coverings standard published

Standards New Zealand has published NZS/AS 1884:2013 Floor coverings – Resilient sheet and tiles – Installation, which will be used by the floor covering industry for training and establishing good practice.

NZS AS 1884:2013 is an adoption and modification of AS 1884:2012 and supersedes the previously adopted Australian standard NZS/AS 1884:1985.

The standard provides minimum requirements for the installation and application of resilient floor coverings for New Zealand conditions, to ensure that the installed product is fit for purpose and complies with New Zealand law and the New Zealand Building Code.

The key changes are as follows.

Some terminology has been changed to reflect the language used in the New Zealand flooring industry.

  • Appendix A varies significantly from AS 1884:2012 to reflect the understanding of moisture testing within the New Zealand flooring industry and to cover moisture issues that are unique to the New Zealand climatic environment.
  • Appendix B is now informative. It is provided for information and guidance and is not an integral part of the standard. Testing the pH level in concrete subfloors is not mandatory but should be performed if specified by the flooring material manufacturer.
  • Appendix D has been reduced as some of the glossary terms were not in the language used in the New Zealand flooring industry and were not referenced in this standard.
  • Appendix E on joints in concrete subfloors has been added to, to address a significant issue faced by the New Zealand flooring industry about construction methods currently used in New Zealand.
  • In addition to these revisions for the New Zealand adoption, this edition of the standard differs from previous editions by the following significant inclusions:

–   separate sections to explain the minimum requirements for the installation of different resilient flooring products

–    the requirements for different types of underlayment and subfloor preparation

–    additional guidance on moisture testing of subfloors

–    clear guidance on the treatment of joints in concrete subfloors.

The committee comprised representatives from the following sectors of the flooring industry sectors: Flooring Industry Training Organisation, manufacturers/suppliers, the National Flooring Association, and retail/installation.

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