Engineering Basis of NZS 3604 new BRANZ book

Issue 51 – July 2013

Engineering Basis of NZS 3604 is intended as a source document for those who need to know the basis for the engineering decisions underpinning NZS3604 Timber-framed buildings. It is adapted and revised from BRANZ Study Report 168 (2007) The engineering basis of NZS 3604.

NZS 3604 Timber-framed buildings sets out the construction requirements for light timber-framed buildings in New Zealand that do not require specific structural engineering design. By limiting the size of the building and scope of application, different solutions are presented, enabling a designer to select an element or detail appropriate to the situation without the necessity to engage a structural engineer.

For those users of NZS3604 whose projects, designs, or systems fall outside its scope, it is important to know the technical basis for the standard. This report documents the engineering basis used to derive the technical provisions of NZS3604, including the member selection tables and connections. Ambiguities and problem areas are highlighted for attention by future standards drafting committees.

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