Solid fuel burners with enclosed flues

Issue 52 – August 2013

When designing and constructing an enclosure to a solid fuel burner flue, the required clearances and ventilation openings are given in Build 129 (April/May 2012, pages 20 – 22). These are based on the requirements in AS/NZS 2918:2001 Domestic solid fuel burning appliances – Installation. AS/NZS 2918 also gives ridge clearances and the requirements for flue height. (NZS 5261:2003 Gas installation gives the requirements for gas fire or heater flues.)

→ Read Build 129 (April/May 2012, pages 20 – 22) Flue installations in enclosures [PDF 1.83MB]

Summarised from BRANZ Guideline, August 2013.

Published in building.

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