Changes proposed for Plumbers Gasfitters and Drainlayers Act

Issue 48 – April 2013

The Government is moving to amend Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers legislation to ensure the Board that enforces the legislation can do its job of protecting public safety effectively.

Building and Construction Minister Maurice Williamson says it is apparent there is an issue with how the Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board fee and levy-funding provisions work.

The Regulations Review Committee received complaints about the validity of fees and levies that fund the Board's statutory prosecution function.

The Government will attempt to amend the Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Act 2006 to validate the disciplinary levy and offences fee, and clarify the Board's authority to impose levies.

'It has always been the Government's intention that the Board's prosecution function would be funded by the industry. This is how all other boards in the building and construction sector operate,' Williamson says. 'The industry benefits from maintaining high standards and stopping unqualified people putting the public at risk and taking work from skilled tradespeople. The Board's prosecution and disciplinary functions play a key role in that process.'

The Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Amendment Bill was tabled on 11 March 2013 and had its first reading in Parliament on 14 March 2013.

The Government Administration Select Committee will consider the Bill and invite submissions on it.

Summarised from a New Zealand Government media release by Building and Construction Minister Maurice Williamson, 14 March 2013.


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