BRANZ seminars residential retrofit and renovation

Issue 43 – October 2012

Housing renovation is an enormous part of the building industry's work in New Zealand as the housing stock continues to age, resulting in large numbers of dwellings requiring renovation and repairs to extend their physical life or to be adapted to incorporate the amenities required by changing family types and lifestyle. Compliance is a major issue that needs addressing along with insulation, glazing, weather tightness, incorporating modern facilities, energy efficiency, and incorporating the new with the old. In brief, the seminar will give guidance on:

  • what a good renovation incorporates
  • energy efficiency in renovated houses
  • eliminating existing building inefficiencies
  • historical construction methods
  • the renovation design and construction process to incorporate modern living
  • what is involved in a residential renovation.

→ Seminars run throughout New Zealand from 23 October to 5 December 2012. Online registration and more content detail ( are available on the BRANZ website.

Summarised from BRANZ's Guideline, September 2012.


Published in building.