Department of Building and Housing's Codewatch April 2012 – changes to protection from fire, warning systems, and signs

Issue 38 – May 2012

Changes to Protection from Fire documents

New Building Code clauses for Protection from Fire replace the previous Code clauses C1 – C4. The new clauses are clearer and more specific about building performance requirements for Protection from Fire.

New Acceptable Solutions C/AS1 – C/AS7 replace the current C/AS1, for buildings without complex systems or features. This relatively straightforward set of solutions is based on the risk presented by activities in a building. Design professionals who do not have specific fire engineering qualifications can use these solutions.

New Verification Method C/VM2 provides for the specific design of any building and must be used if any aspect of a building, or its features or systems, is outside the scope of the Acceptable Solutions. It is suitable for use by designers with fire engineering qualifications.

New commentary documents providing guidance for the new Acceptable Solutions and Verification Method.

Changes to Warning Systems Acceptable Solution

DBH has made minor changes to F7/AS1 to ensure the Acceptable Solution aligns with the new Building Code Protection from Fire Acceptable Solutions C/AS1 – C/AS7.

Changes to Code clause F8 Signs and Acceptable Solution F8/AS1

Code clause F8 Signs is clearer and includes a reference to Code clause F6 Visibility in Escape Routes.

Code clause F8 requires that accessible routes are identified by the International Symbol of Access.

F8/AS1 enables modern signage design, which includes pictograms, photo-luminescent signs and additional colour standards.

Summarised from DBH's 'Codewatch', April 2012.


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