BRANZ Guideline February 2012 ALF 3 2 software upgrade

Issue 36 – March 2012

The annual loss factor (ALF) 3.2 thermal calculation programme has been upgraded to include a moisture tab to allow users to predict potential mould issues in rooms with typically high moisture loading in residential building designs. The optional moisture tab was developed to indicate the ability of the design to handle moisture generated within the building.

New and renovated homes are typically more airtight than older ones and often windows are not opened by occupants, so designs may require additional ventilation, higher insulation levels, and/or reduced thermal bridging in external walls or glazing units to reduce the risk of internal moisture being absorbed by or condensing on interior surfaces, thereby increasing the likelihood of mould growth.

Further information on the ALF upgrades is given in Build 128 'ALF upgrade adds moisture' (page 22).

Using ALF 3.2 – new and existing users

New users of ALF will need to obtain a subscription to log in to the ALF thermal calculation programme. Existing users who have registered will also need to remember to log in.

The ALF programme is run on a different server, so your ALF log-in may be different to your My BRANZ log-in.

If you do not see 'Hello' and your log-in ID in the red banner at the top of the page, you are not successfully logged in. If you do not log in:

  • nothing will be saved
  • only limited access to the programme is available
  • all climate zones are not accessible – only 'Upper South Island' will show.

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