Restricted building work and licensed building practitioners new Build it Right campaign

Build it right dbh

Issue 35 – February 2012

The Department of Building and Housing (DBH) recently launched a 2-year 'Build it Right' campaign to improve the quality of building in New Zealand and increase consumer confidence. The first major change is the introduction of Restricted Building Work (RBW) on 1 March 2012. This means most residential building work requiring a building consent must be carried out by Licensed Building Practitioners (LBP).

DBH sector capability deputy chief executive Alison Geddes says the programme of work being introduced over the coming months will raise standards in the sector while doing away with unnecessary red tape. 'The first step has been to ensure we have enough LBPs assessed within a range of competencies relating to their licence class,' says Geddes. 'Only they will be able to carry out RBW, which is design and construction work critical to the integrity of a building.

'The LBP programme will give consumers additional comfort that they're getting experienced building practitioners and ultimately a quality job.'

Six licence classes relate to RBW – designers, carpenters, external plasterers, brick and block layers, foundation specialists, and roofers. Registered architects, gas-fitters, and plumbers; and chartered professional engineers who are registered with their own professional authorities, are treated as being licensed.

Summarised from a DBH media release 17 January 2012.


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