Loaded dimension

Issue 37 – April 2012

The term loaded dimension is used in NZS 3604 when determining the proportion of load a beam or rafter is carrying. The official definition is 'a measure of the weight of construction contributing to the member under construction'.

Figure 1.3 in section 1 of the standard demonstrates how to calculate the loaded dimension for a range of beam types and locations. More detailed information is given in an article called 'Loaded dimension – a guide' published in Build 61 dated Nov/Dec 2000. This can be obtained free on the BRANZ website (www.branz.co.nz/cms_show_download.php?id=6b82d38f08ff3ddbeb59217c5beb0d43cabeab42).

Summarised from BRANZ Guideline newsletter, March 2012

Published in building.

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