SNZ HB 3604 Handbook to NZS 3604 2011 available now

SNZ HB 3604:2011

Issue 32 – October 2011

Standards New Zealand has just published SNZ HB 3604:2011 Timber-framed buildings: Selected extracts from NZS 3604:2011.

SNZ HB 3604 provides users with a collection of figures and tables extracted from NZS 3604:2011 that are commonly used on-site. The Handbook directs users to the appropriate section of the Standard for full information.

During the development of the Standard, NZS 3604:2011, the need for a durable product containing selected extracts from the Standard to use as a reference guide on-site was identified. Standards New Zealand undertook four consultation meetings with different user groups on the range of content they required and tested formats for the Handbook in mid-2010.

The SNZ HB 3604 committee began work on the Handbook once the NZS 3604 Standard content had been finalised. The committee included nominated representatives from Architectural Designers New Zealand Inc., Building Officials' Institute of New Zealand, Certified Builders' Association of New Zealand Inc., New Zealand Institute of Architects, and Registered Master Builders' Federation. The feedback from the consultation meetings was used by the committee.

SNZ HB 3604:2011 has been designed as an on-site reference guide for timber-framed buildings not requiring specific engineering design, up to a maximum of three storeys in height.

The Handbook is laid out in four sections based on the construction sequence for a timber-framed building.

  • Section 1: Outlines the limits for buildings covered by NZS 3604, identifies activities which shall be carried out before building starts, sets out criteria such as tolerances and moisture content that apply to all subsequent sections, and explains the basis for determining bracing requirements and the durability of materials.
  • Section 2: Covers the framing and bracing requirements below floor level including piles, concrete and concrete masonry foundation walls, bearers, jack framing, floor joists and flooring, and the relationship of those members to other parts of the building. It also includes concrete floor slabs.
  • Section 3: Covers wall framing for loadbearing walls and non-loadbearing walls, the construction and bracing of, and the forming of openings, within those walls.
  • Section 4: Covers the framing requirements and the construction of bracing for roofs and ceilings.

To ensure that it aligns with NZS 3604, the collection of figures and tables are numbered identically and colour coding of the figures and tables replicates that of the Standard.

Must not be used as a substitute for the Standard

The development committee advises the Handbook must not be used as a substitute for the full Standard, NZS 3604:2011

Users of SNZ HB 3604 should always refer to the full Standard when they require detailed and complete information. On-site building consent requirements of the Building Consent Authority (BCA) take precedence over the guidance in SNZ HB 3604.

Durable wrap-around cover designed for on-site use

SNZ HB 3604 has been designed to provide as much durability for on-site use as possible. It is slightly larger than A5 in size and weighs approximately 1.2kg.

The outer cover is made of polypropylene which wraps around the contents to protect them and the cover features magnetic strips for easy opening and closing.

Handbook pages have two drill holes and are held in place by a lever-arch mechanism (the strongest available), which enables future updates to be added quickly and easily. A handy half-pocket has been added to the inside front cover, and an A5 plastic pocket is also included for holding papers.

Pages have been printed on heavier weight paper which has then been 'thin-laminated'. While pages are not completely tear-proof or fully waterproof, the thin-lamination has been used to help ensure Handbooks will stand up to a fair amount of wear and tear.

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