Recycled aggregates and materials in new concrete upcoming CCANZ Technical Report

Issue 33 – November 2011

CCANZ will soon release Technical Report TR 14 that outlines the processes for the use of recycled materials as aggregate in concrete and the effects of these materials on the fresh and hardened properties of concrete made from them. The report is based on overseas and New Zealand experience, and research on the use of recycled materials in concrete. The report is a resource on the performance and engineering properties of recycled aggregate in concrete, and the basis for future revisions of NZS 3121:1986 Specification for water and aggregate for concrete and NZS 3104:2003 Specification for concrete production, incorporating recycled materials.

→ To receive a draft copy of the report for feedback, email Alan Kirby, CCANZ Project Manager,

Summarised from CCANZ's Grey Matters 98, 1 November 2011.

Published in building.