Building Controls Update 122 updated references to Standards cited in Verification Methods and Accep

Issue 33 – November 2011

All building work must comply with the New Zealand Building Code (NZBC). Standards referenced in Compliance Documents (which include Acceptable Solutions and Verification Methods) provide a means of compliance with the NZBC. Earlier this year, the Department of Building and Housing (the Department) consulted on proposed changes to update, withdraw, or amend references to over 60 Standards referenced in Acceptable Solutions, Verification Methods, and the Compliance Schedule Handbook.

The Department regularly reviews published Standards to see if they are suitable to reference in the Acceptable Solutions and Verification Methods. Feedback from the consultation supported the proposed changes. On 10 October 2011 the following documents were updated to reflect these changes.

Amended documents

  • New Zealand Building Code Handbook
  • Compliance Schedule Handbook (SS3, SS7, SS12/1, SS14/2, SS15/2, SS15/4)
  • C/AS1 Fire Safety
  • D1/AS1 Access Routes
  • E1/AS1 Surface Water
  • E3/AS1 Internal Moisture
  • F6/AS1 Visibility in Escape Routes
  • F7/AS1 Warning Systems
  • G1/AS1 Personal Hygiene
  • G2/AS1 Laundering
  • G4/AS1 Ventilation
  • G5/AS1 Indoor Environment
  • G10/AS1 Piped Services
  • G12/AS1 Water Supplies
  • G12/AS2 Solar Water Heating
  • G13/AS1 Sanitary Plumbing
  • G13/AS2 Drainage
  • G14/VM1 Industrial Liquid Waste
  • H1/VM1 Energy Efficiency
  • H1/AS1 Energy Efficiency

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This article includes information summarised from the Department of Building and Housing's Building Update 122, 11 October 2011.

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