2011 Forester of the Year Peter Weir

Issue 28 – June 2011

Peter Weir has won the New Zealand Institute of Forestry Inc (NZIF) 2011 'Forester of the Year' award. Weir is Corporate Support Manager for Ernslaw One Ltd in Christchurch, but it is his role in promoting the needs of the wider forestry sector for which he is better known.

'It is Peter's tireless and professional approach to representing forestry in a wide range of issues that has earned the respect of his peers and led to the award of NZIF 2011 Forester of the Year,' says Dr Andrew McEwen, NZIF President.

Weir is a member of the executive council of New Zealand Forest Owners Association (FOA) and chair of the FOA Environment and Resources Committee. He represents the forest industry on the National Environment Standard for forestry working group, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) international forest carbon policy working group, the Land and Water Forum, the Primary Sector Water Partnership, the Wilding Conifer project group, the Douglas Fir Association, and the FSC cluster group.

The 'Forester of the Year' award recognises leadership, excellence, and personal integrity. Consideration is given to the nominee's contribution to New Zealand's economic, social, and environmental development, the use of innovation and new technologies, or the creation of a new product or business of significance to forestry. Further consideration is given to professional and academic achievements, broad community involvement, cultural, and other achievements.

Summarised from a NZIF media release 10 May 2011.

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