DBH consultation to update references to 60 cited Standards

Issue 29 – July 2011

To take account of recent changes to Standards, the Department of Building and Housing (DBH) is proposing some minor amendments to update, replace, or withdraw references to 60 Standards cited in the Acceptable Solutions, Verification Methods, and Compliance Schedule Handbook.

Why is DBH consulting?

The government's goal is a more efficient and productive building industry that builds it right first time and stands behind the quality of its work. To help achieve this, DBH seeks to ensure that its Acceptable Solutions and Verification Methods reflect the latest research, knowledge, and building practices. The proposed changes to update the references to the cited Standards are part of this work.

Have your say

The consultation period closes on 11 July 2011.

Find out more about the proposed changes and send DBH your feedback (http://www.dbh.govt.nz/consultingon-updating-standards-2011). For online services, and previous versions of 'Building Controls Update' visit www.dbh.govt.nz. To ask a question or get more information call DBH on 0800 242 243 or email info@dbh.govt.nz.

Summarised from Building Controls Update 115, Department of Building and Housing, 23 June 2011.

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