BRANZ Guideline July 2011 moisture in framing

Issue 30 – August 2011

Always check the moisture in framing prior to fixing timber panelling or decorative timber-based sheet material. Usually, the panelling will have a lower moisture content when delivered (NZS 3602 requires 16% or less, installed) than the framing. Do not fix panelling immediately after delivery as this differential in moisture content is likely to result in expansion of the panelling and may cause buckling.

Allow time for the panelling to condition. This involves storing the panelling in the room it is to be installed in for sufficient time to allow the moisture content to equalise with the building space. Strip stack the panelling and take moisture readings at regular intervals (a minimum of 2 weeks). Conditioning should not be done while concrete slabs are still drying out as moisture from the concrete will be absorbed.

Visit the BRANZ website ( and refer to Bulletin 380 Timber internal linings for further information.

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