Earthquake Commission deadline for claims from February earthquake 23 May 2011

Issue 27 – May 2011

The Earthquake Commission (EQC) is urging people with damage to their properties from the earthquake on 22 February 2011 who have yet to make a claim to lodge claims immediately. The deadline for claims for that event is Monday, 23 May 2011.

EQC has received more than 305,000 claims from all the earthquakes and associated aftershocks since the first event on September 4 last year. This includes more than 121,000 from the February event.

EQC Chief Executive Ian Simpson says the Commission received a spike in claims in the final weeks before the September deadline last year and he is expecting a similar situation this time.

'It's understandable that people will have waited till near the deadline before submitting a claim, with the pressure that people in Christchurch have been under, but with just 3 weeks remaining I urge people to make their claims now,' says Simpson. 'People who cannot access their property to make a complete claim must lodge a claim by May 23 anyway. Details of their claim will be researched when they receive a full assessment at a later date.'

As a result of the rapid assessments of properties in Christchurch and surrounding areas following the 22 February earthquake, more than 12,000 households were identified as being over the $100,000 EQC cap. Of that, EQC has completed 7,000 full assessments of those properties.

The 5.3 aftershock which hit Christchurch on 16 April is being treated by the EQC as a new event for insurance purposes. People whose properties suffered new or worsened damage need to make a new claim. They have until 18 July to make a claim for that event.

EQC has also received 124 claims from the Hawke's Bay storm last week. This is expected to grow significantly however. The EQC's insurance covers landslip damage to dwellings and there is also some cover for land damaged by storm or flood.

For more information contact Gordon Irving 029 978 6430 or visit the EQC website (

Summarised from an Earthquake Commission media release 1 May 2011.

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