Standard on construction procurement

Issue 22 – November 2010

Construction procurement – Part 1: Processes, methods and procedures ISO 10845-1:2010 will help organisations establish a procurement system that is fair, transparent, competitive, and cost-effective.

Procurement is the process through which contracts are created, managed, and fulfilled. It involves all the steps from the establishment of the project or products to be procured, to soliciting and evaluating tender offers, to awarding and administering contracts, and confirming compliance with requirements.

ISO 10845-1 describes processes for developing a procurement system, and outlines relevant methods and procedures. It provides a framework for developing a procurement policy. In addition, ISO 10845-1 establishes guidelines for the conduct of employees, agents, and board members engaged in procurement.

Dr Ron Watermeyer, project leader of ISO 10845-1, says, 'The Standard will be an invaluable tool for promoting international trade, in particular for countries that lack experience and instruments in this field. It will ensure honest and fair competition for everyone.

'The Standard can help those engaged in procurement activities to better perform their duties. It will help promote uniform and generic procurement documents. Its internationally harmonised process can serve as a basis for developing a consistent curricula for procurement education.

'Finally, governments too can rely on ISO 10845-1 to readily develop an internal procurement-skills base, which is not lost as members of staff move.'

ISO 10845-1 is the first part of a series covering the various aspects of procurement within the construction industry.

Other parts of ISO 10845-1 are currently under development and will target specific issues such as formatting and compilation of procurement documentation, conditions of tender, participation of targeted enterprises in contracts, participation of local enterprises and labour in contracts, and much more.

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Summarised from an ISO media release 15 October 2010.

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