Compliance Documents reference updated Standards

Issue 22 – November 2010

The Department of Building and Housing has amended a number of New Zealand Building Code Compliance Documents, updating references to Standards and other publications. The amendments took effect on 30 September 2010.

  • B1 Structure – three new Standards have been incorporated into B1/VM1, B1/AS1, B1/AS2, B1/AS3, and B1/VM4 and 21 referenced Standards have been updated. The new Standards cover the design of concrete tanks, installation of drains, and the design and selection of glazing. The updated Standards cover the design of concrete structures and steel structures.
  • B2 Durability – two Standards referenced in B2/AS1 have been updated. Those Standards relate to the durability of concrete structures and solid plastering.
  • C Fire Safety – two Standards referenced in C/AS1 have been updated. The Standards cover Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems and Fire Hydrant Systems for buildings.
  • E1 Surface Water – two new Standards have been incorporated into E1/AS1, five references have been deleted and a further 21 referenced Standards have been updated. The new and updated Standards cover piping materials and jointing methods.
  • G9 Electricity – one Standard referenced (relating to electrical installations) in G9/VM1 has been updated.
  • G10 Piped Services – two Standards referenced in G10/AS1 have been deleted, and 14 referenced Standards have been updated (all relating to piping materials and jointing methods).
  • G11 Gas as an Energy Source – one Standard referenced in G11/AS1 (relating to gas installations) has been updated.
  • G12 Water Supplies – 13 Standards referenced (covering piping materials and installation methods) in G12/AS1 have been updated.
  • G13 Foul Water – one new Standard has been incorporated into G13/AS1, G13/AS2, and G13/AS3, a further two referenced Standards have been deleted, and 12 Standards referenced have been updated (covering piping materials and installation methods).
  • G14 Industrial Liquid Waste – 14 Standards referenced in G14/VM1 (covering piping materials) have been updated.
  • G15 Solid Waste – one Standard referenced in G15/AS1 (relating to health-care waste management) has been updated.

Visit the Building Code Compliance Documents section of the Department of Building and Housing website ( to download the latest changes.

Summarised from Codewords 43, October 2010, Department of Building and Housing.

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