Revised timber framed buildings Standard NZS 3604 public comment completed

Standards New Zealand released a draft of the revised Timber-framed buildings Standard NZS 3604 for public comment in February 2010. NZS 3604 is the foremost Standard in New Zealand for the building and construction industry. Publication of the revised NZS 3604 is scheduled for late 2010/early 2011.

Standards New Zealand received many comments and would like to thank all those who took the time to review the draft and provide their views. The feedback provided was clearly well thought out and concise, and, in general, there was overall support of the proposed changes to NZS 3604.

Some summarised examples of the feedback received are listed below.

Note: This information is not in any way a complete assessment or summary of the public comment feedback. It is merely a sampling of some of the feedback on the draft revised NZS 3604.

  • There was support to reduce and simplify the tables and to move VSG/MSG 6 and 10 to the back of each respective section. There were also some requests to develop a simple calculation tool for calculating member sizes. Standards New Zealand will consider this, however, this is not within the scope of the project.
  • There was support to remove section 11 on the building envelope and the relocation of weather-tightness issues to E2/AS1. However some feedback indicated E2/AS1 should be included in NZS 3604. There was also some concern about the timing of the release of E2/AS1 and whether or not it would be released with the publication of NZS 3604.
  • There was a mixture of responses to the changes proposed in Section 3 on site requirements. Clarification is needed, for example, on tree roots and how they impact on good ground conditions. There was resounding support to retain penetrometer testing in NZS 3604 and some support to include shear vane testing as an option. It should be noted the technical committee is still deliberating on the latter issue.
  • Feedback on the proposed changes to section 4 on durability varied. Some felt the proposed use of stainless steel fixings was somewhat excessive while other comments supported the changes. Generally the feedback received indicated support for the proposed changes.
  • The proposed changes to section 5 on bracing were supported with few issues being raised that had not already been discussed by the working groups and the technical committee during the development phase of the draft revised NZS 3604.
  • The proposed changes to section 10 on roof framing were generally supported but comments showed there is still a need to clarify some wording. The truss section also needs to be clearer to avoid confusion.

What happens now?

The technical committee and working groups completed the review of feedback in May 2010. The draft revised NZS 3604 is now being updated by Standards New Zealand in preparation for the technical committee's approval to progress to the next stage in the revision process – postal ballot. Once postal ballot has been completed, the draft revised NZS 3604 will be prepared for publication.

For more information please email or call 0800 782 632 during business hours.

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