Stair design

Issue 19 – August 2010

The performance requirements of New Zealand Building Code D1 Access routes related to stairs is given in clause D1.3.3. Stair treads must:

  • have adequate footing and a uniform rise
  • incorporate an easily seen leading edge
  • be designed to prevent children falling through or being trapped
  • have adequate slip resistance, with D1/AS1 4.1.4 requiring slip resistance in accordance with Table 2
  • have no isolated or single risers.

D1.3.3 also requires landings at appropriate intervals and securely fixed handrails.

In D1/AS1 section 4.0, guidance is given on appropriate stair design to ensure stairs meet the above performance requirements.

Reproduced from BRANZ Guideline, July 2010.

Related Standard

  • AS/NZS 3661.1 Slip resistance of pedestrian surfaces – Requirements

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