New industry body PrefabNZ

Issue 19 – August 2010

Newly formed PrefabNZ's mission is to double the uptake of prefabrication in New Zealand by 2020. It believes an increased uptake of prefabrication is for the good of New Zealand's wider design and construction industry. BRANZ has measured the current amount of prefabrication in the New Zealand building industry as 17% (by comparing the cost of the prefabricated components of residential and non-residential buildings as a percentage of the total cost). A key aim of PrefabNZ is to increase this to 40% by 2020.

Its aim is to do this by concentrating on three roles as:

  • a catalyst for prefab collaboration
  • a front-door portal for prefab information
  • an incubator for prefab innovation.

Contact PrefabNZ at to join.

Reproduced from BRANZ Guideline, July 2010.

Published in building.