Timber framed buildings Standard NZS 3604 update

Standards New Zealand has completed the draft of NZS 3604:2010 Timber-framed buildings (DZ 3604) and will be releasing it for comment soon. NZS 3604 is the foremost Standard in New Zealand for the building and construction industry.

Standards New Zealand initiated the project to revise NZS 3604:1999 at the beginning of 2009. As part of this process we sought feedback from stakeholders on the main issues that needed to be addressed through a revision. This feedback then framed the scope of the project.

The technical committee and the Leadership Group for the review of NZS 3604 approved a limited technical review of the Standard. This means that the committee focused on addressing only specific issues within the scope of the project. The committee has not completely rewritten the Standard. Public comment is to begin soon with publication scheduled for late 2010/early 2011.

Format of public comment draft

To aid public comment reviewers, the public comment draft contains only those sections, clauses, tables, and figures that have been revised as part of the limited technical review. Those parts of the Standard which have not changed are not included in the draft. We have included a summary document of the changes to be used as a quick reference guide to aid the public comment draft.

There are also areas where the technical committee is seeking specific feedback before making a final decision. Issues requiring specific feedback are listed in the draft summary document. We encourage and welcome your feedback not only on specific issues but also on any other relevant area.

What we are asking reviewers to do

If you or anyone in your organisation would like to review the draft DZ 3604 and provide comments, you can obtain a copy by downloading it free from our website.

As this is a limited technical review of NZS 3604, we ask that you focus your feedback only on the changes that the committee has made to the Standard. Feedback that does not relate to the scope of the revision will be accepted but will not be considered as part of this review. These comments will be deferred for future reference.

Comments must be provided in electronic form using the template supplied on our website or entering your comments online.

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For more information, please email mani.taare@standards.co.nz, or call 04 495 0934.

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