Building escape and evacuation plans new international Standard

A new International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Standard will help to ensure that when fire breaks out in a building, occupants trying to evacuate the premises can understand escape plans and signs and orient themselves to the planned escape route.

Safety identification – Escape and evacuation plan signs, ISO 23601:2009, establishes design principles for displayed escape plans.

Escape plans:

  • provide information vital to fire safety, escape, evacuation, and rescue of the facility's occupants
  • are intended to be displayed as signs in public areas and workplaces
  • may also be used by fire, rescue, and medical teams in case of emergency, and by intervention forces in the case of a terrorist attack.

The use of ISO 23601:2009 is expected to reduce risk and to reduce possible confusion in times of emergency, by providing improved training and education.

Summarised from an article in ISO Focus magazine, June 2009.

Published in building.

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