Performance of windows

Architects, builders, designers, building engineers, and window producers and specifiers will soon be able to use a revised version of the Standard for the specification for performance of windows.  DBH supported the revision of NZS 4211:1985 to update it with more modern processes for testing and materials. 

The revised Specification for performance of windows for buildings not requiring specific engineering design, NZS 4211:2008, is due to be published by the end of 2008.  ‘The revision clarifies how to apply the Standard, and aligns the Standard with the new loadings Standard AS/NZS 1170,’ says Ian Baines, committee Chair who represents WANZ.  ‘It includes updated requirements for the performance of windows and doors to be installed in exterior walls, within the defined wind pressures of the four main wind zones, and a new upper limit for windows in buildings not requiring specific engineering design.  The properties covered are strength, deflection, operating force, air infiltration, and water penetration.’

Once the Standard is published, the DBH intends to commence its process for referencing it as part of its Compliance Documents for the New Zealand Building Code.

Part 1 and Part 4 of the NZS 4223 Glazing in buildings series were also updated and published in May 2008, to align them with AS/NZS 1170 and advancements in design loads, technology, and glazing.

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