Local Government New Zealand and the New Zealand Concrete Masonry Association have sponsored an Amendment to Concrete segmental paving, NZS 3116:2002.  As a result, local government, landscape artists, civil engineers, concrete paver manufacturers, and suppliers will soon be able to use a New Zealand Standard for pavement construction involving flagstones. 

‘The Amendment will ensure that flagstones are the right specification, quality, strength, and application for New Zealand conditions,’ says committee Chair David Barnard who represents the Cement and Concrete Association of New Zealand.  Amendment 1 is due to be published by March 2009 and it is being developed so the Standard can be referenced as an Alternative Solution by the Department of Building and Housing (DBH) for the Compliance Document for New Zealand Building Code Clause D1.

The Standard covers the manufacture, testing, acceptance and supply of concrete segmental pavers, and the design and construction of concrete segmental paving.  Pavement loadings described in the Standard range from highway traffic, to pedestrian use.  Flagstone pavements are not considered suitable for road traffic loadings.

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