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Welcome to my July update for Touchstone. Click on the link for a summary of Standards New Zealand news on: publications and calls for public consultation, international standards, and industry guidance.

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AS/NZS 2588:2018

Gypsum plasterboard

  • Draft for comment (2)

      • DR AS/NZS 60079.13:2019 Explosive atmospheres - Part 13: Equipment protection by pressurized room "p" and artificially ventilated room "v"

        Comments are invited until 21/02/2019

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      • DR AS/NZS ISO/IEC 20000.1:2018 Information technology — Service management — Part 1: Service management system requirements

        Comments are invited until 30/01/2019

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  • Standards Published (4)

      • AS/NZS 1301.011:2018 Methods of test for pulp and paper - Method 011: Klason lignin in wood and pulp

        Describes a method for determination of acid-insoluble ('Klason') lignin. This method is similar in principle to TAPPI T 222 and ASTM D1106. The objective of this revision is to establish the correct designation for this Standard: 1301.011, not 1301.11s. No technical revisions have been made.
        Supersedes AS/NZS 1301.11s:2005

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      • AS/NZS 1301.441:2018 Methods of test for pulp and paper - Method 441: Determination of roughness/smoothness (air leak methods) - Sheffield method

        Specifies a method for the determination of the roughness of paper and board using the Sheffield apparatus. Adopted with national modifications and reproduced from ISO 8791-3:2017.
        Supersedes AS/NZS 1301.441s:1998

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      • AS/NZS 4474:2018 Household refrigerating appliances - Energy labelling and minimum energy performance standards requirements

        Promotes high levels of quality, performance and energy efficiency in refrigerating appliances. It specifies the energy labelling and MEPS requirements for household vapour compression refrigerating appliances that can be connected to mains power, are within the scope of the test standard Part 1, and are not excluded in the relevant legislation. The AS/NZS 4474 series was previously published in two parts but now comprises only one part, this standard. This standard includes: algorithms for the calculation of the energy efficiency star rating and projected energy usage; performance requirements (including MEPS); details of the energy rating label and requirements for affixing it to a product. The scope of the test standard is broad and covers all mains electricity-using household appliances that store, cool, refrigerate or freeze food or beverages of any kind, whether perishable or not. The scope of regulated household refrigerating appliances in Australia and New Zealand is narrower.
        Supersedes AS/NZS 4474.2:2009

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      • AS/NZS 60598.2.5:2018 Luminaires - Part 2.5: Particular requirements – Floodlights

        Specifies requirements for floodlights for use with electrical light sources on supply voltages not exceeding 1 000 V. This edition includes significant technical changes as it introduces requirements for the glass breaking test. Adopted with national modifications, and has been reproduced from, IEC 60598-2-5:2015 (ED. 3.0).
        Supersedes AS/NZS 60598.2.5:2002

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  • Withdrawals and Proposals to Withdraw (4)

      • AS/NZS 1301.441s:1998 Methods of test for pulp and paper - Sheffield roughness of paper and board

        Superseded by AS/NZS 1301.441:2018

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      • AS/NZS 1301.11s:2005 Methods of test for pulp and paper - Klason lignin in wood and pulp

        Superseded by AS/NZS 1301.011:2018

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      • AS/NZS 4474.2:2009 Performance of household electrical appliances - Refrigerating appliances - Energy labelling and minimum energy performance standard requirements

        Superseded by AS/NZS 4474:2018

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      • AS/NZS 60598.2.5:2002 Luminaires - Particular requirements – Floodlights

        Superseded by AS/NZS 60598.2.5:2018

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Latest articles

  • Guidance on quality plans updated

    In order to effectively transform business ideas into actions, you need a plan. A quality plan. Guidance on how to create one has been updated, providing a powerful tool to complement any quality management system, including ISO 9001.

  • Forward focus for Standards New Zealand

    Standards New Zealand has recently undertaken a review to ensure we have the right capability and capacity to deliver on our business strategy. This has resulted in some changes to our structure and to some key roles in the team.

  • Withdrawal of steel standard

    The New Zealand Standards Approval Board revoked NZS 3404.1:2009 Steel structures standard – Part 1: Materials, fabrication, and construction at its meeting on 5 September 2018 following a request from the Heavy Engineering Research Association (HERA) and supported by the Building System Performance branch of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

  • BOINZ forum highlights future of standards for building and construction

    Building Officials Institute of New Zealand (BOINZ) held its Senior Building Control Officers’ (SBCO) Forum this month at the Napier War Memorial Conference Centre with a group from Standards New Zealand in attendance. The annual forum is designed to bring together SBCOs to share information, discuss current issues, and identify solutions, using a mixture of case studies, expert panels, and presentations on technical content.

  • You’re hired! Finding the best for the job with new ISO guidelines

    An organisation’s greatest asset is its employees, but the impact that new recruits have on a company’s success is sometimes less clear. Or is it? New international guidelines have just been published that give recruiters a metric to measure just how well they have done.