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The Online Library Service is an efficient and sustainable way to build and maintain a library of New Zealand and joint Australian/New Zealand standards.

The Online Library Service is an annual subscription that allows 24/7 access through our webshop to your own personalised selection of standards or a predefined catalogue of standards. This service provides you and your colleagues access to the most up-to-date versions of the standards with automatic updates when they are amended or revised and, in many cases, any superseded versions of your selected standards will also be available free of charge.  

You can also add individual standards and catalogues to your subscription at any time throughout your subscription year, at a pro-rated cost.

Online Library subscription pricing

The cost of your subscription will depend on which standards you want to access, and how many people in your organisation need to be able to access the Online Library subscription at the same time (concurrent users). During your subscription period, we are also able to make any necessary changes and ensure you are aware of any pricing changes that result. For a quote, contact our Online Library team by emailing  

Online Library terms and conditions

Read and download the full and summarised Online Library terms and conditions.

Recommended software for the Online Library

We recommend using Acrobat Reader 6 or higher to view your Online Library portfolio. Download Acrobat Reader(external link).

Online Library support and user guides

More Online Library FAQs and answers and Online Library user guides.