Waiving of commissioning fee for joint AS/NZS adoptions of international standards


Standards Australia (SA) and Standards New Zealand (Standards NZ), who operate as a business unit of the New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), have agreed to implement a 12-month pilot where the commissioning fees for joint standards development projects for the identical adoption of ISO and IEC standards would be waived. The agreement applies to projects initiated on 8 May 2018 or later.

The key objectives of this agreement are to continue the harmonisation of standards in Australia and New Zealand, encourage joint Australia/New Zealand adoptions of international standards for the mutual benefit of both economies, and introduce a more streamlined process which will enable faster delivery.

In practical terms, this means that if Australian and New Zealand stakeholders support the joint adoption of an ISO or IEC standard, the work can progress promptly.

When the 12-month pilot period ends on 8 May 2019, SA and Standards NZ will assess the outcomes of the pilot and determine if this fee arrangement will continue as an ongoing business-as-usual practice.

For more information on the current joint standards development process and the requirement for stakeholders to fund the development of joint standards, refer to the Joint Australian and New Zealand Standards Fact Sheet.

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