Low volume vehicle review


Standards New Zealand is undertaking a review on behalf of the New Zealand Transport Agency of the certification process for vehicles built from scratch or modified for a specialised purpose.

The review of low volume vehicle (LVV) certification process is about ensuring vehicles built from scratch or modified for a specialised purpose are safe to be on the road.

Associate Minister of Transport Craig Foss announced the review will begin this month with a scoping phase.

'This will involve working closely with the vehicle industry, certifiers, and others to better understand the strengths of the current system and potential areas for improvement.

'Standards New Zealand brings an independent perspective to this review. I’m pleased it will be seeking feedback from a wide range of people, including those in the industry.

'I’m keen to ensure our LVV certification system enables innovators to utilise new technologies and create opportunities.'

More information on the LVV certification process is on the NZTA website.

Summarised from a media release of Hon Craig Foss, Associate Minister of Transport, 9 July 2015