New Zealand to participate in international work on fine bubble technology (ISO/TC 281)


We are pleased to announce that Standards New Zealand has secured industry funding to enable New Zealand to become a participating member on ISO technical committee ISO/TC 281 in the area of fine bubble technology.

This technology is based on the generation of very tiny bubbles within fluids which can assist with activities such as sterilising and cleaning food storage hoppers as a substitute for detergent. Other applications include crop growing and health and safety, which overlap with many of New Zealand’s key exports. Increasing food yields with lower water consumption and environmental footprint are critical issues facing New Zealand, and fine-bubble technologies might be one of the ‘bubbling solutions’ for us in the future. 

Standards New Zealand is establishing a New Zealand International Review Group (IRG) to provide feedback on committee documents to ensure New Zealand’s interests are put forward. If you have an interest in becoming a member of the New Zealand IRG, please contact by 8 December 2014. 

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