Changes to SPEX



We have rolled out changes to our online committee tool SPEX. These include a new look and feel, an updated logo to be more consistent with our brand, responsive design so it is easier to use on tablets and phones, a new search function, and a new balloting system. 

To view the changes, log in to SPEX at:

The new search function enables you to search SPEX by keyword for documents or discussions relating to your committees. 

The new balloting system will enable committee members to submit votes online to approve a draft standard for publication, in place of the current postal ballot process. The project manager of your Standards New Zealand committee will provide full details on the balloting process when your project reaches the ballot stage. 

For information on any of the features, please see the new SPEX user guide and FAQs, available from the dashboard when you next log in. 

We hope you enjoy the new design. Further changes to SPEX are planned for later this year and we will be asking for feedback from committee members on these.  If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us on 0800 782 632 or