Governance of IT enabled projects draft Standard available for comment


DR8016 (the draft Standard AS/NZS 8016(Int):2012 Governance of IT enabled projects (Revision of AS/NZS 8016(Int):2010)), is available for public comment. Standards New Zealand invites your feedback on the draft Standard.

The Joint Australia/New Zealand committee IT-30, information technology (IT) Governance and management, produced DR8016 in response to the high failure rate of IT projects. When the committee began working on the Standard, over 75% of projects with an IT component failed to meet their initially stated business benefits, and most went over time and over budget. The situation is improving, but some dramatic failures still feature in newspaper headlines.

DR8016 (the draft Standard AS/NZS 8016(Int):2012) is a principle based Standard written for governing bodies and executive managers. Using the Standard:

  • should result in the appropriate selection, monitoring, and evaluation of IT enabled projects across an organisation

  • will help to improve business outcomes for business projects that involve investment in new or changed IT capabilities.


DR8016 (the draft Standard AS/NZS 8016(Int):2012) aligns with the original governance of IT Standard, AS/NZS ISO/IEC 38500:2010 Corporate governance of information technology, with principles, definitions, and a model. DR8016 also introduces sub-principles under each principle. For auditing purposes, it should be possible to align these sub-principles with operational outcomes.

→ Download the draft DR8016 (the draft Standard AS/NZS 8016(Int):2012) for free. Public comment closes on 26 October 2012.

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