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17 October 2012

First global Standard on project management – ISO 21500

ISO has recently produced the first global Standard on project management, ISO 21500:2012 Guidance on project management. ISO 21500 is a basic guide, aimed at the informed reader without an in-depth knowledge of project management. ISO 21500 can be applied internationally, across a wide range of industries and project types. Read more.

Best practice for market researchers – new ISO Standard

ISO 20252:2012 Market, opinion, and social research – Vocabulary and service requirements specifies the internationally recognised terms, definitions, and service expectations for market, opinion, and social research. ISO 20252 sets a common level of quality for market research globally. The Standard helps organisations that carry out, commission, or buy market research to demonstrate best practice and ensure consistent regional and global measurement. Read more.

New management system for records Standards

AS/NZS ISO 30300:2012 Management systems for recordkeeping – Fundamentals and vocabulary and AS/NZS 30301:2012 Management systems for recordkeeping – Requirements are among the most used ISO Standards globally, due to their broad application to organisations of all types and sizes. AS/NZS ISO 30300 defines terms and definitions applicable to the Standards on management systems for records (MSR). AS/NZS ISO 30301 specifies requirements to be met by an MSR to support an organisation to achieve its mandate, mission, strategy, and goals. It addresses the development and implementation of a records policy and objectives and gives information on measuring and monitoring performance.

New anti-bribery management system Standard – BS 10500

The UK Bribery Act 2010, which came into force in July 2011, introduced a new offence of 'failure of a commercial organisation to prevent bribery' – leading to a surge in interest in Standards that can act as a defense for companies at risk. In response to the new legislation, BS 10500:2011 Specification for an anti-bribery management system (ABMS) will help companies to verify both internally and to external stakeholders that they have robust anti-bribery practices in place. Read more.

Less waste, more results – new ISO Standard for eco-efficiency assessment

Given today's economic turmoil, ongoing environmental challenges, and pressure to contribute to a more sustainable planet, a new ISO Standard ISO 14045:2012 for applying eco-efficiency assessment to product systems has a huge worldwide potential. Bengt Steen, leader of the team of international experts who developed ISO 14045 Environmental management – Eco-efficiency assessment of product systems – Principles, requirements, and guidelines, says, 'Eco-efficiency is presently measured in a number of ways. ISO 14045, however, harmonises the assessment of eco-efficiency and makes it more transparent, giving increased credibility to assessments that sometimes are regarded as 'green-washing'. Read more.

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Case studies on the Benefits of Standards to Businesses

We have talked to a range of New Zealand businesses about the benefits of Standards and the contribution they make to companies' success. These case studies are available on our website and we will add more over time.


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