Feedback sought on Interim Gas Standards


In 2011, Standards New Zealand published the following Interim Standards:

  • NZS 5255(Int):2011 Safety verification of existing gas installations
  • NZS 5266(Int):2011 Safety of gas appliances
  • NZS/AS 3645.1(Int):2010 Essential requirements for gas equipment – Part 1: Essential safety
  • NZS/AS 3645.2(Int):2010 Essential requirements for gas equipment – Part 2: Certification

These Standards have been issued as Interim Standards and the committee anticipates that feedback from industry will improve the quality of these Standards. Standards New Zealand invites comment from persons and organisations concerned with this subject. You are invited to evaluate and provide feedback to Standards New Zealand on the contents of these Interim Standards prior to the anniversary of their publication, after which they are expected to become full Standards.

Closing dates for feedback

The closing dates for feedback are as follows:

  • feedback on NZS 5266(Int):2011 is due by 22 July 2012
  • feedback on NZS 5255(Int):2011 is due by 17 August 2012
  • feedback on NZS/AS 3645.1(Int):2010 and NZS/AS 3645.2(Int):2010 is due by 6 September 2012.

Visit Standards New Zealand's website to register to view free read-only PDFs of these Interim Standards.

If you have any questions about these Interim Standards or about providing feedback, please email Standards New Zealand at



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