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IEC 62474: Ed. 1.0 b (2012) Material declaration for products of and for the electrotechnical industry is designed to help the electrical and electronic products industry track and declare specific information about the material composition of its products.

IEC 62474 is aimed at harmonising requirements across the supply chain and at improving economic efficiencies. The Standard:

  • defines requirements for the exchange of material composition data and provides those for material declarations

  • benefits the electrotechnical industry by establishing the requirements for reporting substances and materials, standardising protocols, and facilitating the transfer and processing of data.

Thanks to this new Standard, organisations that conform to it will no longer need to request a separate list of reportable substances and a different format from every customer. This allows the transfer of material declarations throughout the electrotechnical product supply chain in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

IEC 62474 allows for flexibility in the amount of information exchanged up to 'full declarations'. Anything beyond the base requirements will be negotiated between the organisations that are exchanging the data.

Associated database facilitates information exchange

The IEC 62474 'database' accompanies the IEC 62474 Standard. This database, which is maintained by a validation team, consists of a list of substances, substance groups, and common material classes to declare, with reportable applications and reporting thresholds. The database also includes information for software developers who are working on IT tools for material declaration that conforms to the Standard.

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