Draft fire sprinkler Standard NZS 4541 available for public comment


14 August 2012

The New Zealand Standard for automatic fire sprinklers, NZS 4541, is undergoing a limited technical revision. Standards New Zealand is seeking feedback on the proposed changes.

NZS 4541:2007 Automatic fire sprinkler systems covers the design, installation, and maintenance of sprinkler systems so that systems reliably achieve their fire control functions – that the fire should be controlled within a specified area and that control should be achieved before levels of toxic by-products of combustion become life threatening.

NZS 4541 is referenced in the Fire Safety and Evacuation of Buildings Regulations 2006 and in Acceptable Solutions C/AS1 to C/AS7 for New Zealand Building Code (NZBC) Clauses C1-C6 Protection from Fire and Acceptable Solution F7/AS1 Warning Systems of the Compliance Documents to the NZBC. NZS 4541 is used extensively across the fire protection industry.

The review is focusing on the following.

  • Adding in a new normative appendix for the protection of non-sleeping buildings for community use
  • Reviewing the seismic design requirements
  • Reviewing Part 6 (Water supply) and including a provision for town's mains
  • Reviewing Part 9 (Extra high hazard system design data) based on the draft section 11 of AS2118.1 (also currently under revision)
  • Reviewing Part 12 (Testing, maintenance, and inspection) to examine all requirements for completeness and correctness
  • Addressing public and user comments on file
  • Incorporating formal interpretation requests received on NZS 4541:2007

As this is a limited technical review of the Standard, the committee will focus on addressing only the specific issues within the scope of the project. The committee is not completely rewriting the Standard. Feedback not relating to the scope of the Standard will be accepted and retained for a later revision but may not be considered as part of this review.

Public comment closes on 13 September 2012. Standards New Zealand is providing a summary of the changes, which can be used as a quick reference guide to the sections that have been updated.

→ Download the draft DZ4541REV and submit comment.

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