• Correction amendment to NZS 5433 Part 1 2012 and new ISO road safety Standard

    Correction amendment to NZS 5433 Part 1:2012 – Transport of dangerous goods on land

    New ISO road safety Standard could help save thousands of lives 

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  • Bright lights the IEC recognises electrical safety expert Derek Johns

    Congratulations to Derek Johns who was awarded the International Electrotechnical Commission's (IEC's) Thomas A Edison Award for his work as Chair of IEC technical committee 61 (IEC/TC 61), Safety of household and similar electrical appliances.

    Standards New Zealand Chief Executive Debbie Chin says this recognition is a testament to Derek's expertise and his dedicated service to standardisation.

    'We are extremely fortunate to have someone of Derek's calibre representing New Zealand at the international level. Under his leadership, IEC/TC 61 has developed Standards that support electrical safety, quality, efficiency, and compatibility. The committee's work benefits people around the world, including New Zealanders. This award pays tribute to his knowledge, expertise, and leadership capabilities.'

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  • Case study Standards help Chelsea Sugar lift the game

    The Chelsea Sugar refinery has been supplying New Zealand homes and businesses with sugar products since 1884. The company (New Zealand Sugar Company) is still operating from its original site at Birkenhead on Auckland's north shore and over the years the name Chelsea has become a trusted, iconic brand. Quality Manager, Robert Crow, puts the company's longevity down to its ability to adapt in a forever-changing environment and its adherence to rigorous Standards.

    'Standards are a good way to set benchmarks', says Robert. 'You may think that as a company you are doing OK but you don't really know until you benchmark against those Standards.'

    Robert believes the ability to operate in a sustainable way is important. Chelsea is committed to mitigating any adverse impacts the business might have on the environment and resources that have allowed it to operate for so long. Intrinsic to this commitment is the ISO 14001 environmental management systems Standard, which requires the company to list all areas where pollution could occur whether in air, water, or ground and outline what steps it is taking to reduce those risks.

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  • ISO cloud computing committee update on working groups progress

    This article provides information on the web services, service oriented architecture, and cloud computing working groups and their progress to date.

    The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) subcommittee dealing with cloud computing , the joint technical committee 1 (JTC)/subcommittee (SC) 38, Distributed Applications, Platforms, and Services (DAPS), was created a little over 2 years ago and is one of the rapidly growing JTC 1 subcommittees.

    SC 38 is made up of three working groups (WGs) looking at the technical issues for web services (WG 1), systems orientated architecture (WG 2), and cloud computing (WG 3).Twenty-three countries actively participate (formally known as P members) in SC 38 and a further ten countries observe its activities.

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  • Reconfirming interim gas Standards NZS AS 3645 NZS 5255 and NZS 5266

    14 November 2012 Several New Zealand gas Standards were published with an Interim status to enable them to be tested with the sector before being confirmed as full New Zealand Standards. These Interim Standards are now due to be reviewed and decisions have been reached by the committees for several of these Standards.

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  • Are you safe online new ISO Standard for cybersecurity

    ISO/IEC 27032:2012 Information technology – Security techniques – Guidelines for cybersecurity will make cyberspace safer. The Standard will help ensure safety of online transactions and personal information exchanged over the Internet, and protect your computer when browsing websites. 

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  • Chemical solutions Meritorious Service Award winner William Caccia Birch

    Over the coming months, we will feature this year's Meritorious Service Award winners. This month we feature William Caccia-Birch (known as Bill Birch).

    Bill has nearly 50 years working in the area of safe chemical management. In his current role as Responsible Care® New Zealand Technical Manager, he works closely with industry, government, and members to ensure industry meets its legal and moral obligations under New Zealand's chemical management legislation.

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  • Quality assured Meritorious Service Award winner Diane Baguley

    Over the coming months, we will feature this year's Meritorious Service Award winners. This month we feature Diane Baguley, who won a Standards New Zealand 2011 Meritorious Service Award in September 2012.

    Diane is a representative on International Organization for Standardization (ISO) technical committee (TC) 176, Quality management and quality assurance, and related subcommittees and working groups. ISO/TC 176 focuses on quality management, including generic quality management systems and supporting technologies, along with quality management standardisation in specific sectors.

    Much of ISO/TC 176's work is associated with the ISO 9000 family, which addresses various aspects of quality management. The Standards provide guidance and tools for companies and organisations that want to ensure that their products and services consistently meet customer's requirements, and that quality is continuously improved.

    ISO/TC 176 also serves in an advisory capacity to all ISO and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) technical committees, to ensure the integrity of the quality system Standards and the effective implementation of the ISO/IEC sector policy on quality management systems deliverables.

    In other words, it's a big job and requires knowledge, experience, and time. Diane has capably served on the ISO/TC 176 for 16 years, ensuring that New Zealand has a respected voice on the committee.

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  • Standards are the buzz for J Friends unique honey

    J Friend and Co honey is the first honey in the world to achieve carboNZero cert certification. Owners Jeremy Friend and Sharyn Woodnorth agree that meeting Standards plays a key part in building trust in their honey and helps to back up their claims about their business and products.

    'Our whole business and products are carboNZero cert certified and this is important to our customers,' says Jeremy. 'We compete on quality, not price. Many people care about who produces a product and how it's produced. For those people, if a company is causing damage to the environment, they won't buy the product.

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  • New international Standards for project management market research records anti-bribery and eco-effi

    First global Standard on project management – ISO 21500 Best practice for market researchers – new ISO Standard New management system for records Standards New anti-bribery management system Standard – BS 10500 Less waste, more results – new ISO Standard for eco-efficiency assessment Case Studies on the Benefits of Standards to Businesses First global Standard on project management

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