Safety verification of existing gas installations Interim Standard published


14 September 2011

A new Interim Standard has been published – Safety verification of existing gas installations, NZS 5255(Int):2011. 'For some years the New Zealand gas industry has lacked a suitable way to evaluate the safety of existing and imported gas installations where no gasfitting certification certificate exists', says John De Bernardo, committee Chair. 'NZS 5255(Int) provides a clear process for industry to inspect and verify the safety of these installations against the existing gas installation Standards NZS 5261:2003 Gas installation and AS/NZS 5601:2010 Gas installations Parts 1 and 2'.

AS/NZS 5601 Parts 1 and 2 in time will replace NZS 5261 and NZS 5428:2006 LPG installations for non-propulsive purposes in caravans and boats. NZS 5255(Int) therefore takes account of future changes by ensuring the performance requirements of AS/NZS 5601 Parts 1 and 2, although the text used is that from NZS 5261.

De Bernardo acknowledged the support of Energy Safety and the wider gas industry during the development process, which focused on producing 'simple and user friendly checklists, and processes that are aligned with the current installation Standards'.

NZS 5255(Int):

  • provides specific information to assess the safety of existing gas installations (including checklists and appropriate means of achieving and demonstrating compliance)
  • provides a consistent procedure, suitable for citation in the Gas (Safety and Measurement) Regulations, for assessing and reporting the condition of installations
  • helps organisations in the gas industry involved in transmission, distribution, retail, installation, and appliances to assess best-practice safety, measurement, and quality procedures and systems. Many organisations already compile their own checklists for use when certifying installations – NZS 5255(Int) is a similar point of reference but is to be used by third parties to assess the safety of existing installations
  • comprises an audit protocol and associated documents that can be readily monitored by a company, the industry, and relevant regulatory agencies for a specific purpose
  • is based on the Compliance Audit Protocol Framework from NZS 5257.1:2001 Gas industry audit protocol.

NZS 5255(Int) has been issued as an interim Standard and the committee anticipates that further feedback from industry over the next 12 months will improve the quality of this Standard. Standards New Zealand invites comment on NZS 5255(Int) from persons and organisations concerned with this subject. Comment is sought by 17 August 2012 after which this Interim Standard will be confirmed, withdrawn, or revised in light of comments received. A form for comment is provided at the back of the Interim Standard.

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