New tools for legionella control and environmental management systems and new greenhouse gas brochur


18 February 2011

Legionella control – new Code of practice

Water quality – Risk assessments for Legionella control – Code of practice, BS 8580:2010, gives recommendations and guidance on the assessment of the risk of legionellosis presented by artificial water systems. The Standard will help organisations to ensure they meet their responsibilities for the control of Legionella. These responsibilities include assessing the risk of exposure to Legionella from work activities and water systems and implementing any necessary precautions.

BS 8580 applies to risk assessments on premises, plant, and systems for the first time, and to reviews and audits where a previous assessment has been undertaken and where control measures might have been implemented.

Environmental management system Standard – new package for smaller organisations

A new combined handbook and CD is available – ISO 14001 Environmental management systems – An easy-to-use checklist for small business – Are you ready? This new tool will make it easier for small and medium-sized organisations to implement an environmental management system (EMS) based on the international environmental management system Standard, ISO 14001.

The combined handbook and CD is in the form of a checklist. The step-by-step checklist helps managers to understand the requirements for environmental management systems, determine the present environmental performance of an organisation, and identify areas for improvement.

Related Standard

Greenhouse gas programmes – new brochure

ISO has published a new brochure that provides an overview of the different greenhouse gas (GHG) programmes that have been launched to tackle climate change. The brochure describes the practical role that GHG metrics Standards such as ISO 14064 can play.

The Greenhouse gas programmes brochure provides information to potential users of GHG Standards and programmes, covering the following issues:

  • overview of the climate change context including a map of available GHG Standards and those Standards currently being developed
  • how GHG Standards can provide the tools to implement climate mitigation and adaptation strategies
  • the future of GHG Standards and how they can promote a faster up-take of new green technologies and low-emission practices
  • opportunities to enhance current GHG Standards and Standards development.

Download the Greenhouse gas programmes brochure [2.15MB PDF].

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