Gas measurement Standard amendment published


23 March 2010

Standards New Zealand has published Amendment 1 to Gas measurement NZS 5259:2004. NZS 5259 specifies acceptance tests for gas meters and correctors, gas meter selection and installation, and provides for conversion of measured volume to energy. Amendment 1 was developed so that NZS 5259:2004 can be cited in the proposed revised Gas Regulations.

Changes to Table 3 of NZS 5259 have been made so that it conforms to the accuracy of conversion requirements given in the current regulation 9. Changes have also been made to the energy conversion section to clarify accuracy requirements and the competency requirements have been updated.

Amendment 1 includes a small number of technical corrections. Two new appendices have been introduced: a new Appendix B which provides guidance for low pressure accuracy of turbine meters calibrated at high pressure, and Appendix N to provide guidance for time-stamped data.

Note: The purpose of NZS 5259 is to provide performance-based requirements for gas measurement that are useful, measurable, and repeatable as a minimum standard for the gas sector.

  • Part 1 of NZS 5259 provides the performance requirements for gas measurement systems required to ensure that the legislative requirements for gas measurement are met.
  • Part 2 of NZS 5259 provides more detailed requirements for the design, testing, installation, and operation of the gas measurement system as a means of compliance with Part 1.

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